WisCOWsin Tote Bag

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Purchase Includes:
- 1 WisCOWsin tote bag

- 14.5" wide x 16" high

- 100% natural 5oz cotton

Some of the best gifts you can get are the ones you can actually use. Like a gift card or cute socks with kittens on them. :) Or in this case a kickass cotton tote bag that every Wisconsite will be jealous of. Featuring what should be our state animal, the dairy cow with a spot the shape of Wisconsin on it, you can show your love for our dairy state.

Measuring at 14.5" wide by 16" high in size, this natural cotton tote bag is designed to look simple, cute, eco-friendly and all kinds of Wisconsin awesomeness. The best part of this bag is the funny word play of 'Wisconsin' and 'cow' to form 'WisCOWsin,' which draws a smile and a laugh from everyone who sees it. Be sure to show your love of Wisconsin everywhere you go with this awesome tote bag.