An End to 2021

Dec 3rd 2021

Oh my Gods I can't believe it's already December! Time is so weird. It'll feel like time is going by so slowly and then all of a sudden you're wondering where the month went. Or where the year went.No … read more

The November Slowdown

Nov 3rd 2021

Happy November!Oh my goodness time sure has flown by. It seems like just yesterday event season was starting up and now it is coming to an end for the year. I still have a handful of events left for t … read more

A Touch of Autumn

Oct 4th 2021

Happy October! I am so ready for some hot apple cider, pumpkin bars and scary movies. And by "can't wait" what I really mean is I've already eaten an entire pan of pumpkin bars this last month and hav … read more

Crushing disappointment and Exhaustion

Sep 14th 2021

Well, let's face it, I am tired. So tired. Müde. Cansada. Kaput.Every time I think things couldn't get any busier life goes and proves me wrong. Now don't get me wrong, being busy can be good. In rega … read more

Road Tripping in Wisconsin

Aug 4th 2021

Ooo....boy. July was a busy month. There was a lot of cutting cards, packaging items, traveling and way too little sleeping. I think I might actually start taking midday naps just to give myself a lit … read more