Pushing through the Storm

Jul 1st 2020

I hope everyone had a lovely June.While things are opening back up across the country and it's getting warmer out the number of positive covid-19 cases keeps rising. However, when I look outside or wa … read more

Staying Positive and Staying Safe

Jun 1st 2020

Hello all of my lovely ladies and gentleman! I hope you all had a safe, sane and happy month. This last month we have seen a lot going on in the world. Here in Wisconsin they have slowly started openi … read more

COVID-19: Flatten the Curve

May 1st 2020

Well, this last month has been interesting. I have rarely left the house but from what I have seen it's crazy how different things are from just a month or two ago. Any store you go into now has tape … read more

COVID-19 Apocalypse

Apr 1st 2020

Okay 2020. We have to have a serious talk. What the hell happened?! This last month has been absolutely insane.This last month we have seen COVID-19 rise up and take control of our lives. It has … read more

Spring Fever

Mar 1st 2020

I know last time I posted 2020 had been kicking my butt. Well, not this time. This last month has been full of excitement! It's been so busy and so much fun and I fully intend to keep these good vibes … read more