Have you Voted?

Nov 3rd 2020

Happy November! Have you voted yet? If you haven't voted yet please be sure to do so. Every vote matters no matter who you are voting for. My husband and I voted absentee as soon as possible … read more

Slow progress is better than no progress

Oct 4th 2020

Hello, hello and happy October to all of you lovely, awesome people and your furry, feathery or even scaley friends too. I hope you all had a wonderful September. This last month has been a roller coa … read more

Autumn Weather Here I Come!

Sep 2nd 2020

Autumn is fast approaching and I am so ready for it. Cooler weather, the changing leaves and all things apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice. I can't wait to start wearing sweaters and scarves. The weathe … read more

Wait, it's August?

Aug 2nd 2020

Holy crap time has been flying by. Being cooped up in the house I have easily lost track of the hours, days and months. If I didn't have a calendar I looked at every day I would be absolutely lost.I h … read more

Pushing through the Storm

Jul 1st 2020

I hope everyone had a lovely June.While things are opening back up across the country and it's getting warmer out the number of positive covid-19 cases keeps rising. However, when I look outside or wa … read more