Hello all of my fellow Weirdos,

At Alexandra Art+Design we strive to create fun, whimsical, and affordable art that is easy to share with others and is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.


Tired of paying $6 or more for each birthday, anniversary, or holiday card? Our goal is to give people a more personal and unique option for greeting cards that won’t break the bank. Each greeting card design is illustrated by hand, scanned, and then set up for printing. After being printed at our local printer, each card is cut, folded, and packaged right in our home with extra love included for free. Every card is left blank inside specifically so that you, the customer, can customize the card however you would like and for whatever occasion you want.


Also in our shop are our gorgeous art prints. Each art print is created from an original, traditionally illustrated piece. That way, if our original works are out of your price range, you can still afford one of our gorgeous works of art!

Sticking with our whimsical and affordable theme, we also offer bookmarks for coloring, stickers, wooden pins, and tons more to give as gifts or to horde for yourself.

Shopping local at Alexandra Art+Design will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Buying our art and goods means supporting a small, female-owned, LGBTQIA+ business. We also make and package all of our products by hand!


 The Artsy Weirdo, the Tech Wizard and the Gremlins

With 20+ years of illustration experience, a Bachelor’s in graphic design/media arts, and a love for animals, Alexandra Tepp founded Alexandra Art+Design in 2018. Enraptured with animals and the feel of pen and pencil on paper, Alexandra always wanted to do something with both. When she was just a little girl and was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up her answer was, “a veterinarian”, simply because she thought they got to draw animals all day and night. Still in love with animals, Alexandra brings them to life in her own unique way using pencils, pens, and sometimes markers. Each whimsical piece shows her view of an assortment of animals (mostly cats) or her views of people as if they were animals themselves.

Justin Marwitz lends his tech wizardry skills to help make our website as lovely as can be. He also lends a hand with packaging our products and carries heavy stuff at events.

Alexandra and Justin currently reside in Columbus, WI with their two adorable gremlins, Xena and Maggie.



Interested in selling our beautiful artwork in your store? Visit our Commission/Wholesale page for more information. Thanks!