Support Planned Parenthood

I am beyond sad and frustrated with how our country treats people. No matter your age, your skin color, or how you identify yourself, we are constantly facing prejudices. Prejudice for things we cannot control.

We cannot choose whether or not an unborn child causes complications that put our health in danger. We cannot will away pregnancies due to rape. We cannot fully control whether we become pregnant, but we should be able to choose what we do with our bodies if we are. What we do with our bodies is fully our choice. It does not concern you, your family, or your friends.

Taking away a woman's right to choose whether or not she wants an abortion is like saying we are more property than person. If you're really pro-life you should care about ALL life, not just the life of the fetus. If a girl or woman's life is in danger because of a fetus, you should consider what's best for the woman. If a woman is raped, you should care about her mental and physical well being if you want to force her to carry the fetus to term. After the child is born you should care about the well-being of the mother as well as the child.

Despite what many think Planned Parenthood does way more than just provide abortions. They provide contraceptives, sex ed, cancer screenings, health and wellness checks and more. In short, Planned Parenthood is like any other doctor except they are more open and honest about things like sex and reproductive health and they are more affordable to those that often cannot afford it. Planned Parenthood is a life saver for so many and yet many people continually try to defund it strictly because they disagree with abortion.

That is why from now on 30% of sales of items featuring body positivity, the right to one's own body, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC equality and the like will go towards helping to fund Planned Parenthood.

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