Busy Bee

Jun 4th 2022

It sure is feeling like summer! Event season is in full swing and things are busy, busy, busy.

Justin and I started off last month with a nice little vacation before things got busier. We took the Amtrak to La Crosse, WI and enjoyed getting to explore. Ice cream, pizza, coffee...mmm. Most of our trips seem to revolve around food. :D

My mental health has been steady the last month which has me super excited. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good and productive. Granted, I still have some issues with brain fog, but they are nowhere near as bad as they were before.

In an effort to have even more fun with the business and motivate us, we decided to place a bet against each other on how much money we would bring in. The prize? Manicures for the two of us, paid for by the loser. Either way we both win. :) Justin lost and has scheduled our manicures. Don't worry, I'll take pictures. :D

Last month we had a ton of different events going on. We had 2 events every weekend and 1 event during the week. Some events were great and some....not so much. That's okay though, we know not every event will go well. Sometimes it's the weather and sometimes it's just an event that doesn't fit your vibe. Figuring out what does and doesn't work for the business is a constant work in progress.

Setting up at the top of State Street most Saturdays during the Dane County Farmers Market has definitely been one of the highlights of this last month. It's such a fun area, and there are a ton of amazing artists. Plus, being right by the farmers market and literally on State Street there's a plethora of food options. Ian's Pizza, veggie burgers from Sookie's, and Insomnia cookies....I'm making myself hungry again. I mentioned we love food right? :D

Another highlight of last month was also the Northside Farmers Market. This is our 4th year taking part in the farmers market and it's one of our absolute favorites. When I first started my business, the Northside Farmers Market was one of the first events we tried out and we quickly fell in love with it. Not just for the food they offer! Though, it is hard to say no to stone fire pizzas, tamales, fantastic smoothies, and baked goods.


Last month was unfortunately lacking in new art projects. My time was mostly taken up by events and preparing products for events. Cutting and folding cards anyone? Don't get me wrong, I love doing it all, but holy shit do I need to create.

While I didn't get to create any bigger projects I did get to make some new card designs.


I also designed goodies for my subscribers on Patreon and they are absolutely amazing.


I received some commissions as well. I finished an adorable dog portrait and I have one more to make yet. I'm also designing a logo!

I also designed covers for quite a few journals and got some of my artwork made into button pins!


For the month of June we will be even busier with events, so we'll see how insane I am at the end of the month. Justin and I worked hard last month to come up with ways to simplify and speed up different parts of the business, so this month will be a good test to see how it works out. I am going to create more this month damnit. I do not know what exactly, because I have too many ideas, but I am going to create. Anyway... 

Thanks for sticking with me everyone and I hope you have a wonderful June!