It's a mess, but I got this

Feb 28th 2021

Woot, woot! So...this last month has been an absolute mess, but it's been an equal mix of good and bad.

I had my first round of injections/infusions of B12 and iron which left me in more pain than I could have imagined. Thankfully most of those side effects only lasted a week or so. I'm still dealing with a lot of headaches though unfortunately. On the plus side the iron and B12 have helped with my mental health. Brain fog has gone down, same with anxiety, my memory is better and the voices that are always yelling at me have gone down to whispers so that's good. Now if only doctors could figure out why I keep getting so low in iron and B12 and why I have all the issues I have that'd be great. But at least we seem to be headed in the right direction now. (•‿•)

Outside of doctors visits and health problems I've been working on lots this last month. I created two new illustrations about Reggie. She's going through a little bit of mental breakdown right now and just trying to deal with it the best she can.

I also created a new fantasy themed coloring page for my patrons on Patreon. It turned out absolutely amazing. I love this little saber mouse. Unfortunately, I don't think this little guy will be with us much longer since he's working to fight off a two headed snake.I also created 5 new greeting cards. I stuck with the monster theme for a little bit but also branched out for an adorable avocado pun and a sweet pupper for my mom's birthday. The sweet doggo is based off of my mom and dad's puppy Kaiser.

Aside from my usual monthly work I have also been working on several other little projects like illustrating a children's book for a client. It's coming along real good. I also tried something new and made this gorgeous nature illustration for my mom for her birthday as well as this adorable little deer mouse illustration for a backer on Patreon.

Earlier in the year I mentioned expanding my portfolio to hopefully get my work out there more and possibly start working with publishers illustrating books. Best way to do that is apparently to illustrate a well known children's story in your own style. I finally decided to illustrate The Three Billy Goats Gruff and this last month was able to create the first scene for it. It turned out absolutely amazing and I can't wait to finish illustrating it.

March will probably be just as crazy as this last month. I have my usual monthly plans consisting of creating so many new greeting cards, coloring pages and illustrations of Reggie but I also plan to expand on that. I'm hoping to create at least one new illustration for The Three Billy Goats Gruff and I would love to create at least one new nature illustration too. This all depends on how ambitious I am and how well I'm feeling but I think I can do it. I've been doing a lot better at managing my projects so I don't overwork myself and also so I don't get sick of any of my projects from working on them too much. Plus with the iron infusion and B12 injection I'm able to stay focused better and do more in general. Keeping my fingers crossed that things stay well. Until next time, I hope you all have an awesome March. Stay safe! :)