Daffodil Wooden Pin

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Purchase includes:
- 1 pin

- 1.25" tall

Materials used:
- wooden pin made of maple veneer

We all like to collect things. Some of us may collect beanie babies, stickers, shot glasses or different kinds of chocolate. :) One of the most classic things to collect and one of my absolute favorites is pins. Enamel pins, button pins, you name it! If it's a pin I'm going to collect it. That's why I started turning some of my favorite designs into adorable pins that you can wear on your coat, shirt, bag or what have you. You'll look pretty awesome when you showcase this gorgeous and whimsical pin. Featuring a gorgeous daffodil on a blue backdrop this wooden pin will make you smile every time you see it.

Measuring at 1.25" tall in size, this small wooden pin is designed to look beautiful and whimsical. The best part of this pin is undoubtedly the gorgeous daffodil that will always brighten your day. Bonus! Being produced with responsibly sourced wood (maple) and requiring 20 to 24 times less energy to produce versus the enamel alternative this pin is sustainable and ecofriendly to the max. This gorgeous pin just screams all things whimsical and natural. If you want something beautiful while also being ecofriendly, this pin is perfect for you.