Flying F#ck Sticker

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Purchase includes:
- 1 sticker

- 2.4" wide 3" tall

Materials used:
- die cut sticker

We've all had those days, some more than others where we just don't give a f#ck. Sometimes we don't give a f#ck and on the really messed up days we don't give a flying f#ck. That's right, sometimes they evolve. That's what happened here, the phrase "flying f#ck" evolved into sticker form and it is just as amazing as you would think. Be sure to add this baby to your collection. Featuring a gorgeous blue bird carrying a single f#ck, this sticker will make you laugh and smile even on your most unhinged days.

Measuring at 3" tall and 2.4" wide in size this small matte finish sticker is designed to look majestic as hell and funny as f#ck. The best part of this sticker is undoubtedly the gorgeous pen and watercolor work of the bird which gives this sticker a gorgeous and whimsical feel before the viewer puts the whole message together. This sticker may not bring a smile to everyone's face but really, who gives a f#ck if everyone likes it or not? Isn't that the point of this sticker? If you're looking for something that will make you laugh even on the bad days and can easily illustrate your mood then this sticker is perfect for you.