Galaxy Puzzle

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Purchase includes:
- 1 single card
- 1 brown craft envelope

- card 4.25" x 5.5"
- envelope 4.375" x 5.75"

Materials used:
- pens
- watercolors
- white paper
- pencil

There are a plethora of puzzle options in the world. Whether it's crosswords, sudoku, Legos or your traditional puzzle, there's something for everyone. There's something so satisfying about finishing a puzzle. For all of you puzzle lovers (myself included) this card is for you. Featuring two adorable, puzzle pieces this greeting card is perfect for all puzzle lovers.

Measuring at 4.25" wide by 5.5" high in size, this A2 size greeting card is designed to look adorable and downright gorgeous. The best part of this greeting card is, in my personal opinion, the gorgeous galaxy-like design of the puzzle pieces which will make everyone who sees it Ooo and Ah at the beautiful design. Of course this card will also bring sweet smiles with it when seeing the adorable, smiling faces of the puzzle pieces. Plan on mailing it to someone? Being completely blank inside this card is perfect for being customized for any occasion.