Goat Bless You

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As some of you may know, my husband is the reason behind this saying. We were over by his family's goats and I happened to sneeze. He couldn't resist the pun and it just stuck with us. It resulted in a fabulous card and now this fantastic illustration. Surprisingly, this is not how I originally intended for the piece to turn out but I am super happy with my decision to go this route. The details in the fur, the shading and details of his apparel, I just love all of it.

There are 3 options available, you can purchase the original illustration, a standard print or a high quality print. Printing differences between the standard print and a high quality print is a nicer, thicker paper type that holds pigment better and a better ink quality that will keep the illustration from fading for many years unlike the standard printer inks. The prints are the same size.

Purchase includes:
- 1 print of original illustration

Printing Specifications for standard print:
- prints on heavy cardstock
- uses standard printer ink

Printing Specifications for high quality print:
- prints on archival matte paper, 9.5 mil
- uses archival ink

- 9" x 12"

Materials used:
- pens
- heavy weight sketch paper
- pencil