Inspiring Women: Lucille Ball Sticker

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Purchase includes:
- 1 sticker

- 3" wide 1.8" tall

Materials used:
- die cut sticker

We all like to collect things. Some of us may collect pins, keychains, beanie babies or if you're like me, a menagerie of snacks. :) One of the most classic things to collect is stickers. You can put them anywhere and they just have this way of making us smile. Featuring some of Lucille Ball's favorite flowers, carnations, and an inspiring quote by Lucille Ball this sticker will make you smile every time you see it, especially on your rougher days.

Measuring at 1.8" tall and 3" wide in size this small sticker is designed to look absolutely gorgeous and motivating. The best part of this sticker is undoubtedly the gorgeous flowers surrounding the text and giving the sticker a soft, whimsical feel. This sticker will bring a smile to everyone's face that sees it and will inspire them. If you're looking for something that will brighten your day and give you that positive boost you've been looking for then this sticker is perfect for you.