It's the Mileage

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I remember growing up watching the amazing Indiana Jones solve mysteries, find hidden treasures and save damsels in distress. I absolutely fell in love with the movies. Turns out, I'm still in love with the movies. This line from Raiders of the Lost Ark immediately got me thinking about the tortoise and the hare and more importantly, life. It may take a while to get where you want to be but the time doesn't matter, it's the journey. So here's to a a long life filled with tons of adventures.

There are 3 options available, you can purchase the original illustration, a standard print or a high quality print. Printing differences between the standard print and a high quality print is a nicer, thicker paper type that holds pigment better and a better ink quality that will keep the illustration from fading for many years unlike the standard printer inks. The prints are the same size.

Purchase includes:
- 1 print of original illustration

Printing Specifications for standard print:
- prints on heavy cardstock
- uses standard printer ink

Printing Specifications for high quality print:
- prints on archival matte paper, 9.5 mil
- uses archival ink

- 9" x 12"

Materials used:
- pens
- heavy weight sketch paper
- pencil