Just Popping In

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Purchase includes:
- 1 single card
- 1 brown craft envelope

- card 4.25" x 5.5"
- envelope 4.375" x 5.75"

Materials used:
- pens
- prismacolor markers
- white paper
- pencil

You keeping thinking of that friend you haven't seen forever, or that badass Aunt that moved out of the country. You know you can give them a call but you want to send something. Something that says you miss them and care about them. Featuring an adorable little trash panda popping out of a garbage can this card is perfect for just "popping in" to say hi and see how friends and family are doing.

Measuring at 4.25" wide by 5.5" high in size, this A2 size greeting card is designed to look cute, adorable and whimsical. Every little detail has been drawn by hand all the way down to the balls of trash littering the outside of the garbage can. The best part of this greeting card is undoubtedly the adorable raccoon in the trash can, which will bring a smile to everyone's face who sees it. Being completely blank inside this card is perfect for being customized. If you want to show that special someone just how much you miss them and care about them then this card can definitely do that.