Smart A#$ Animals Postcard Series

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Purchase includes:
- 10 postcard prints of entire Smart A#$ Animals series

Printing Specifications:
- prints on archival matte paper, 9.5 mil
- uses archival ink

- 5" x 7"

Materials used:
- pens
- heavy weight sketch paper
- pencil

Whenever we see a series of something we have to have it. Maybe it's the Harry Potter books, all the Final Fantasy games or maybe the entire collection of Friends on dvd and blue-ray (don't look at me like that, I haven't gotten it....yet). That's why this postcard set features every single one of my Smart A$% Animals illustrations so all you collectors out there that can't stop at having just one can have the whole set.

Measuring at 5" wide by 7" high in size, each of these illustrations are designed to look old fashioned, sleek and funny as hell. Every minute detail has been painstakingly drawn by hand, including every bit of hair, feathers and small details like wood grains and jewelry. The best part of these illustrations is certainly the use of animals instead of humans and all the glorious puns that go with them, which draws a smile and laugh from every one that sees them. Keep the set for yourself or share them with family and friends, the choice is yours. :)