Today Satan Sticker

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Purchase includes:
- 1 sticker

- 2.8" tall and 2.6" wide

Materials used:
- die cut sticker

We all like to collect things. Some of us may collect pins, keychains, beanie babies or even shot glasses. :) One of the most classic things to collect is stickers. You can put them anywhere and they just have this way of making us smile. Featuring some gorgeous watercolor work and the words "today satan" this sticker will make you smile and laugh every time you see it, especially on your rougher days.

Measuring at 2.8" tall in size this small sticker is designed to look absolutely fabulous with a twinge of dark humor. The best part of this sticker is undoubtedly the gorgeous watercolor work resembling the fiery flames of hell that help make the quirky and amazing text pop. The text accompanying the graphic is great because let's face it, who in this day doesn't use the phrase, "Not today Satan"? We use it on our good days, but what do we say on our bad days? TODAY SATAN! Or maybe that's just me. :D If you find yourself humorously joking about not only your good days but your bad days as well then this sticker is for you.