Toss a Coin

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I think it's safe to say I have more than one favorite illustration. I completely blame Netflix's show The Witcher on this illustration. That and my love of Disney movies. Shortly after Netflix aired their show a friend on social media commented on a random post using the now well known song in The Witcher but changing it subtly to say, "Toss a coin to your Artist!" Well, needless to say it stuck with me. The rooster and fox were chosen based on the animated Disney movie Robin Hood because, why not? I love the old 2D animated Disney movies and I wanted to see who could make the connection. If you are an artist, creative soul or just a fan of The Witcher or Disney's Robin Hood this beautiful illustration is for you.

Each print comes matted with an acid free white mat board to fit an 16" by 20" frame. There are 3 options available for purchase, you can purchase the original illustration, a standard print or a high quality print. Printing differences between the standard print and a high quality print are a nicer, paper type that holds pigment better and a better ink quality that will keep the illustration from fading for many years unlike the standard printer inks. The prints are the same size.

Purchase includes:
- 1 print of original illustration

Printing Specifications for standard print:
- prints on heavy cardstock
- uses standard printer ink

Printing Specifications for high quality print:
- prints on archival matte paper, 9.5 mil
- uses archival ink

- 9" x 12"

Materials used:
- pens
- heavy weight sketch paper
- pencil