Road Tripping in Wisconsin

Aug 4th 2021

Ooo....boy. July was a busy month. There was a lot of cutting cards, packaging items, traveling and way too little sleeping. I think I might actually start taking midday naps just to give myself a lit … read more

Chaos, Exhaustion and a Win

Jul 5th 2021

UTTER CHAOS!!!!Or at least that's what everything feels like right now. My health is still all wonky and causing issues. Being more careful about what I eat, avoiding cross-contamination and etc has b … read more

Gluten is the Devil

Jun 4th 2021

I'm not losing my mind I swear! May just happened to be like every other month before it, a mess and absolutely crazy.Grab your popcorn because I'm about to go on a little rant.I unfortunately ha … read more

Event Season

May 4th 2021

Guess who is all vaccinated now?! This girl! I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the 28th last month. I know I still have to be cautious because the vaccine may not protect against new strai … read more

The Wait

Apr 2nd 2021

April showers bring May flowers! :D I'm really enjoying this warmer weather. I've been going for more walks, I even started running again. I think I may be just a touch crazy because I actually enjoy … read more