August Rush of Opportunity

Sep 7th 2022

How is it September already?! This year is flying by so quickly, it's crazy! This last month has especially flown by. This last month I had 2 events fewer than usual because we decided to take part in … read more

Summer Fun

Aug 2nd 2022

We've officially made it through another month and we're now over halfway through 2022, that's insane!Last month was a busy month as usual. That's how things always are during event season. :D We were … read more

Blarg...what is happening?!

Jul 1st 2022

Note: Skip the first four paragraphs if you'd like to avoid politics!I would say happy July but recent events have left me feeling pretty sad and frustrated. I am of course talking about the overturni … read more

Busy Bee

Jun 4th 2022

It sure is feeling like summer! Event season is in full swing and things are busy, busy, busy.Justin and I started off last month with a nice little vacation before things got busier. We took the Amtr … read more

Spring Buzz

May 7th 2022

I'm currently writing this on a train to La Crosse, Wisconsin as my husband and I decided to take a small belated anniversary trip. Things are getting busy again with the business, so we knew we could … read more